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“Reese and I worked together at Packers Plus where she was the Manager of Marketing Communications and I was her immediate supervisor. Reese was extremely knowledgeable about corporate communications and she developed and implemented a number of new initiatives to help build our brand, both internally and externally.

One of the things I admired most about Reese was her inclusive approach and her ability to connect with people. I learned a tremendous amount from Reese and I hope to one day work with her again!”

— Lori Crawford, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Compass Energy Systems

“Reese worked with Siemens in 2013 in response to the RFP from The City of Calgary for new light rail vehicles – a contract worth $200 million and the potential for future work. 

Reese’s primary function was to ensure the language in the proposal reflected our approach of less engineering jargon and more customer centric information, as well as provide feedback on consistency and brand in other areas, including the layout and the way we marketed the vehicle. Reese was a pleasure to work with – ambitious, knowledgeable, good team player – and encouraged us to innovate and do things differently. 

We really enjoyed having her as a contributor and confidant on our team in Sacramento. And I’m proud to say that our proposal was the WINNER! Since then, we’ve continued to use Reese’s message maps and methodology in our San Francisco bid (won that one too!), and more recently with Seattle, which we also won.”

— Greg Hill, Director, Business Development Siemens – Western Canada Rail & Mobility

“I had the incredible opportunity to work with Rizalyn (Reese) for a year at Packers Plus while she was managing my group and was incredibly impressed with the way she handled projects on her plate and the people on her team. 

She is high-energy and motivated to achieve every goal she sets out to do and with a warmth which is simply unparalleled. The perspective she offers is always fresh and exciting and the communication with all her team members was impressive, to say the least. 

Her management skill is top notch and her approach always diplomatic and respectful to every issue I saw her handle. Further to all this, she encouraged me to grow in my role and provided insight to help improve my results greatly.

At the end of the day, I am incredibly glad to know her as a friend and thankful to have been inspired by her leadership ability in my time working with her. I would recommend her talents to everyone who is curious!”

— Dan Penton, Manager, Pursuit Design, Deloitte

“I have had the immense pleasure of working with Rizalyn for years, and I am honoured to say that she is now a good friend and colleague because of her outgoing personality, drive to succeed and industry expertise. Reese tackles any project with a fresh perspective and this certainly adds to her exemplary reputation. 

She is wonderfully diplomatic, motivating and organizing any and all team members. She is well connected and has her finger on the pulse of the communications sector, industry advancements and trends.

Rizalyn is the first person I want to work with when I look to outsource for a project. I highly recommend her to anyone!”

— Shawna Ogston, Independent Media Relations Professional

“Reese’s hard work and ongoing efforts have allowed victims of drunk driving, and their families, to be heard. 

Her dedication to keeping the public well informed — coupled with her immense knowledge of all things media, including social media, print, radio and TV — brought consistent and persistent awareness to our very real and tragic journey of navigating through Canada’s legal system and government processes.

Reese’s help played a huge role in bringing families together, not only for support of each other, but also to change legislation. Her tireless advocacy and persuasive storytelling helped our petition garner enough signatures and enough attention in all levels of government to finally bring our cause to light. Hon. Peter MacKay, then Minister of Justice, tabled Government Bill C-73, The Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act, on June 16, 2015, in the House of Commons. Families for Justice was there to witness the event and the following press conference, where Reese connected us to the media in Ottawa. We continued to lobby as the Liberal government took power, and as a result, Bill C-226, The Impaired Driving Act, was tabled on February 23, 2016.

Families for Justice has called upon Reese for assistance, advice and guidance several times over the last few years and she has delivered nothing but excellence, passion, support and humility.”

— Sheri Arsenault, Alberta Representative, Families for Justice