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Management – Packers Plus

November 27, 2018

Management – Packers Plus

“I had the incredible opportunity to work with Rizalyn (Reese) for a year at Packers Plus while she was managing my group and was incredibly impressed with the way she handled projects on her plate and the people on her team. 

She is high-energy and motivated to achieve every goal she sets out to do and with a warmth which is simply unparalleled. The perspective she offers is always fresh and exciting and the communication with all her team members was impressive, to say the least. 

Her management skill is top notch and her approach always diplomatic and respectful to every issue I saw her handle. Further to all this, she encouraged me to grow in my role and provided insight to help improve my results greatly.

At the end of the day, I am incredibly glad to know her as a friend and thankful to have been inspired by her leadership ability in my time working with her. I would recommend her talents to everyone who is curious!”

— Dan Penton, Manager, Pursuit Design, Deloitte